RAREST Federer VIDEO on Youtube! Fed vs Phau 1R AO 2007 Highlights



Made possible by the great TGM Tennis

Everybody should know/check out his awesome channel bulking out of classic full tennis matches

– Holy Grail of Secret Federer Matches –

This beauty, among some of the other Federer match highlights, are part of the Swiss Maestro’s tennis’ version of the lost city of Atlantis. The Island of Atlantis, the city that sank into the sea in one day and night. Deep down in the ocean, washed, buried and withered away, there lies legendary Federer’s forgotten scintillating shotmaking, aching to be excavated.

With each portruding and luminescent windowpane of every hidden medieval building in Atlantis serving as a symbol for each Prime Federer shot yet to see the light of day, all I can say is this: The coming weeks we and others will finally shed the light of day on the rarest of Federer gems you’ve always wished you could one day witness for yourself.

We’ll be dragging them out of obscurity once and for all! There will be no way back…

Interesting, nay, fascinating times are ahead of us!

Can I get a Hallelujah?!

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